Now where did I put my running shoes…?

I am not a runner. I am a swimmer. When I run, I am just a swimmer who is running. 

You can tell that I’m not a runner by my times. By my technique. By the way I look when running. By the fact that I would far rather swim 5k than run 5k. By the fact that I have far more swimming kit than I have running kit. By the fact that this blog is called iSwimmer, not iTryToBeARunner. I did Janathon earlier in the year and ran every day (for the first twenty days) and I wheezed through most of it. I rarely wheeze when swimming. And I just prefer to swim. But I wish it were optional – it’s not that I just don’t like to run, I really am a pretty crap runner! 

Realising how little I was getting out of it, I gave up on running a few months back. But I don’t like giving up. And then a few weeks back I had an email from Jogblog reminding me that Juneathon was around the corner. I’ve mulled it over since then. This morning I stepped on the scales. Five minutes later I signed up for Juneathon.

It’s not just a weight thing. It’s a fitness thing. It’s a cross-training thing. It’s an improve-my-leg strength thing. It’s also a bit of a stubborn thing. And this time round it’s going to be different – less wheezing, for one thing! It’s warmer, so the wheezing shouldn’t be so much of a problem. And more swimming – I won’t stop swimming, far from it. I’m swimming regularly again and that’s not going to stop. I’ll just be running too. 

See you on June 1st :)

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